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Hi, My name is Cindy. I designed this page for my friends and clients. It is an easy way to find the nutrition books and resources that we may be talked about during one of my presentations or while meeting with you. I have reviewed these suggestions and used many of them myself. If you have any questions please contact me through my webpage Southern Illinois Nutrition page at http://www.sinutrition.com/ or through my Dietitians on the web page at http://www.rdlink.com/ Thanks for visiting! Cindy York-Camden Registered Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist.

Dietitian or Nutritionist? Will the real nutrition expert please stand up?
By Natalie Adams RD, LDN, CDE and Cynthia York-Camden, MS, RD, LDN


The terms "dietitian" and "nutritionist" are commonly interchanged, but are often misunderstood by the general public. So, what is the difference you ask? Basically, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. This person may or may not have had any formal education or experience in the medical field. However, a Registered Dietitian (RD) must complete a 4 year undergraduate degree as well as a 900 hour internship approved by the American Dietetic Association. They must also pass the National Registered Dietitian examination and maintain 75 hours of continuing education credits every 5 years. In the state of Illinois, a dietitian must also be licensed. The abbreviations LDN (licensed dietitian nutritionist) and RD (registered dietitian) will follow after their name if the person is both licensed and registered.

So why should you care if a person is a "nutritionist" or a registered, licensed dietitian nutritionist? Credibility and safety are the main reasons. You want the nutrition information that you use on yourself or your family to come from a person who has gone to college and studied the science behind the food. Following poor nutrition advice could be costly to your health. Let's examine this scenario. "Jane" has type 2 diabetes and wants to lose weight, so her friend recommends that she see a "nutritionist" who works in a store front down town. The "nutritionist" puts Jane on a "raw food diet", with all the raw fruits and vegetables she can eat. A week later, after eating excessive quantities of fruits and starchy vegetables, Jane winds up in the ER with skyrocketing blood sugars. Jane just does not understand why her blood sugars are so high. Had Jane seen a Registered Dietitian, she would have received individualized evidenced-based advice that is consistent with the American Diabetes Association guidelines. Put simply, she would have learned that fruits and starchy vegetables contain carbohydrates, and that eating too many at once can elevate blood sugar levels.

This scenario may seem extreme but let's look at the reasoning behind licensed professionals. In Illinois, licensure laws go a long way to protect the public welfare. There are a host of professionals who must be licensed to work legally in the state of Illinois. Doctors, nurses, plumbers, hair dressers… and the list goes on. If your child was sick, you would not take them to an unlicensed doctor for fear of harm. I'm sure that you would not ask your plumber for advice on your electrical problems. Then why would you put your health in danger from unsound nutrition advice?

If you are interested in seeing a Registered and Licensed Dietitian for sound nutrition advice, speak with your physician about getting a referral. Your physician can refer you to a dietitian in your area that he works closely with. Insurances and Medicare often cover medical nutrition therapy, especially if a patient has diabetes or kidney disease. For more information about Registered Dietitians, you can go online to www.eatright.org/ This article originally appeared in Hearland Women News Magazine September 2008.

Here is a list of some of my favorite books and resoures by dietitians or endorsed by dietitians.

Quick Meals

Lickety-Split Meals for Health Conscious People on the Go! by Zonya Foco RD. http://www.zonya.com/
Diabetic Meals in 30 Minutes--Or Less! By Robyn Duff. http://www.diabetes.org/
Convenient Vegetarian : Quick-And-Easy Meatless Cooking by Virginia Messina RD http://vegrd.vegan.com/
American Heart Association Meals in Minutes. http://www.deliciousdecisions.org
Quick & Healthy by Brenda J. Ponichtera RD, http://www.quickandhealthy.net/
American Heart Association Low Salt Cookbook. http://www.deliciousdecisions.org

Healthy Kids and Families:
Brown Bag Success: Making Healthy Lunches Your Kids Won't Trade by Sandra K. Nissenberg, Look for used copies on amazon.
Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family by Ellyn Satter RD. http://www.ellensatter.com/

Healthy Cooking for One or Two:
Healthy Cooking for Two (or Just You) by Frances Price.
Cooking for Two by Better Homes & Gardens.

Motivation Resources:
When You Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair by Geneen Roth,
Thin for Life : 10 Keys to Success from People Who Have Lost Weight and Kept It Off by Anne M. Fletcher.
Loving Your Body: Embracing Your True Beauty in Christ (Focus on the Family) by Deborah Newman.
Strong Women Stay Slim. By Miriam Nelson RD, Sarah Wernick RD. http://www.strongwomen.com/

General Nutrition
The American Dietetic Associations Complete Food and Nutrition Guide by Roberta Larson Duyff RD http://www.eatright.org/

Online Resources:
http://www.Nutrition.gov - Nutrition.gov provides easy access to the best food and nutrition information from across the federal government. One stop shopping for all your nutrition needs!
http://www.MyPyramid.gov/ - One size doesn't fit all. My Pyramid Plan can help you choose the foods and amounts that are right for you. This is the new pyramid so visit this site to get yours!
http://www.mealsmatter.com/ - Online meal planning and cooking site sponsored by the Dairy Council.

Free online cookbooks and recipes:
- Real Mom Nutrition blog http://www.realmomnutrition.com/recipes/
Meals Matter online meal planner supported by the Dairy Council of California. http://www.mealsmatter.org/
American Heart Association Online Recipes - http://www.deliciousdecisions.org
University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension Service- https:// cookitquick.org/
American Diabetes Association My Food Advisor - http://tracker.diabetes.org/myfoodadvisor.html
Fast Meals & Quick Snacks, A Cookbook for Teens. Adolescent Family Life Program:
The links below will help you find books by dietitians. You do not have to purchase them from these links.



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